Marketing Research

New companies are emerging, existing companies are expanding, and new products are being launched daily. It is time consuming and expensive for any organization to do the research on companies and products of interest.

EviroSense Media® Corporation will take the hassle out of research for you. We will define the problem, collect the relevant information, enumerate the controllable and uncontrollable factors, and help you to develop and implement a marketing plan that will work for you.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Advanced Statistical Analysis is a medium used today by many organizations to understand and interpret complex data needed for their companies.

EnviroSense Media® Corporation, helps organizations of all sizes make more informative decisions. The data analysis services provided by our company are used to accurately interpret data, enhance organizations quality of service, brand awareness, and processing time.

Let EnviroSense Media® Corporation help you with all your data research and statistical analysis needs.

B2B Marketing Research

Business-to-business market research can be invaluable to the success of your company, but can also be time consuming and expensive for organizations to conduct. It requires in-depth fact finding, knocking on the right doors, being in the right environment, at the right place, and at the right time. Not to mention the cooperation and compliance needed by the selected companies or individuals participating in the research.

EnviroSense Media® Corporation has representatives with excellent people person skills and the "know how” to get the job done for you. Our representatives will conduct the research, collect the data, and then provide an in-depth data analysis.

Our Researchers are experienced in policy development and will recommend strategies that will engender organizational growth and development for all types of companies.

For more information on our B2B Marketing research services please contact us at 954.784.9698

B2C Marketing Research

The needs of businesses and consumers are changing daily. Technology is becoming more and more complex and customers over all needs are changing rapidly.

EnviroSense Media® Corporations role as business to consumer researchers is to keep abreast of the changes in consumer needs, expectations, and attitudes of your target audience. Our goal is to help our clients’ maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

We take the stress away from new and expanding businesses with our in-depth research analysis, increasing profits and maintaining the professional integrity of our clients and their brands.

If you are interested in finding out more on how we can help with your business to consumer research please contact us at 954.784.9698

Brand Audit

EnviroSense Media® Corporation has a team of experts when is comes to all things branding and brand management. If you feel you need help when it comes to your existing brand and how the public views your company, perhaps you need EnviroSense Media® to perform a brand audit.

We can monitor the interests and movement within your brand and conduct an assessment of your brand image, brand management, and marketing effectiveness. As a part of the audit we will provide you with a detailed list of information found on your brands strengths, weaknesses, possible opportunities, and potential threats. More importantly, we will then counsel you on an effective strategy to increase your brand equity, positioning, and management.

If you would like to find out more about our brand auditing services please contact us at 954.784.9698

Brand Research / Consulting

A company’s organizational growth and development depends greatly on how they are viewed by their customers. EnviroSense Media® Corporation will partner with your organization to continuously track and compare customer's attitudes and opinions about your company and products or services.

We will research all aspects of your existing brands image and then consult with you on how to get your product well known among consumers and prospective customers. We will ensure product relevance and maintain the difference between your product and that of the competition.

EnviroSense Media® Corporation will make certain that the brand image selected is customer-centric. Our goal is to make sure that not only your brand, but your company's image is maintained as being trustworthy, cool, unique, and desired by your targeted audience.

Remember, image matters. Contact us today to develop a brand you will be proud of.

For more information please contact our offices at 954.784.9698

Customer Retention

EnviroSense Media® Corporation has a proven track record for retaining customers for any type of brand or service. Our representatives interact with consumers and prospective customers on a continuous basis. Results from research and customer feedback are explored, strategies are developed, and then implemented to resolve any issues and enhance your service.

EnviroSense Media® Corporation not only values the organizations we service, we also value the customers you service as well.

If you are interested in finding out more on how we can help with you with our customer retention services please contact us at 954.784.9698

Customer Satisfaction

To have a satisfied customer is to have a returning customer. EnviroSense Media® Corporation prides itself in having satisfied customers and would love to help you get them as well.

As the needs of consumers are always changing, we will continuously encourage our clients’ customers to provide feedback on their products or services. EnviroSense Media Corporation’s main priority is to stay abreast of the changing needs of consumers, and relay that message back to you.

It is important to realize that what you “think” your customers reaction to your product or service is, may very well be wrong. It is best to let this information come straight from the horse’s mouth and skip all the guessing. Your customers’ opinion of you is invaluable, and there is no better way to great ideas on how to improve your business than customer feedback.

For more information on how we can help you grow your business please contact us at 954.784.9698

Digital Market Research

Information technology has taken the global market by storm. More and more people are making purchases online or simply surfing the net. EnviroSense Media Corporation's expert analysts, using their state of the art software, have managed to successfully tap into this industry.

EnviroSense Media Corporation has had remarkable success in attracting the interests of online customers towards our clients’ products and services. We will help you develop marketing strategies that will enhance your company’s growth potential while minimizing your risks.

For more information on how we can help you grow your business please contact us at 954.784.9698

Employee Research

The search for quality employees that will be committed to an organization can be very time consuming and expensive. You can leave the search to us!

At EnvironSense Media® Corporation and our expert staffing agents conduct extensive research on all applicants recruited through our Human Resource Partners. Once prospective applicants are short-listed they are engaged in personality tests, interviews, and reviews to ensure that their qualities are matched accurately with the needs of your organization.

Call us at 954.784.9698 with any position openings within your company, and we will help find the employee that best fits your needs.

Hispanic Marketing

EnviroSense Media® Corporation has a professional team that can design and produce any kind of marketing and advertising program you could imagine for the Hispanic market or any other ethnic market for that matter.

Our professional team at EnviroSense Media® Corporation are multi-cultured and experienced in the marketplace, demographics, and special needs of Hispanic companies. We know how to get you more market share, and build consumer awareness for your message, product, or brand.

We know the trends and the special needs of the Hispanic market and are always ahead of the latest crazes or interests that are taking place for Hispanic advertising.

Loyalty And Continuity Prog.

EnviroSense Media® Corporation is a leading innovator in the marketing and research industry. We have a creative and professional team that that stands ready to make you life easier, and your business stronger
We will have fun, we will work hard, and we will devote our services to the improvement of your company. That is our promise to you. Here at EnviroSense Media Corporation we value our customers, and strive to make them happy.

Loyalty and continuity are top priority to us. For more information on how to get your message to the public please contact us at 954.784.9698

Marketing Surveys

EnviroSense Media® Corporation works closely with our customers to understand their goals and the direction of their company. We create, design, and administer marketing surveys for any size organization.

If a market survey already exists that is at a satisfactory level for your company, we can administer these surveys using various communication and social network mediums.

These surveys can either be unique to the organization, or standard for the particular industry being surveyed.

Multi Ethnicity Research

EnviroSense Media® Corporation has a staff of diversified ethnicities ourselves. This fact gives us a huge advantage when researching and understanding the needs of multiple ethnic groups.

If your company is looking to expand its horizons and start marketing to different ethnicities, you need a company like EnviroSense Media® Corporation to get you started in the right direction.

EnviroSense Media® Corporation conducts in depth analysis and ensures that the data retrieved is accurate and reliable. This data will be transported into your organizations database, and then used to enhance your policies, services, products, marketing, and advertising, that is geared towards the different ethnic groups.

Product / Service Research

EnviroSense Media® Corporation engages our customers to help develop a unique Product Research Model. This model is reflective of their organization and the services being offered.

Our analysts and industry experts will ensure that the surveys administered are geared towards recruiting the right audience for you. The same moderator is used in all research methodologies to engender true consistency, accuracy, and reliability of the results we obtain. The company’s objectives are then revisited to ensure that our analysis and recommendations are aligned with your company's direction.

ROI Review

Here at EnviroSense Media® Corporation we don't just focus on your marketing research; we also focus on your return-on-investment (ROI). All this research can be meaningless if it does end up improving your actual sales.

We use multiple ROI tracking tools to monitor your ROI after the research is created and a new plan is implemented. This lets us identify which new strategies are working and which are not.

If you are interested in improving your Return on Investment when it comes to marketing research, please call us at 954.784.9698

Social Graph Integration

EnviroSense Media® Corporation offers Facebook integration services to it's clients all over the world. Build relationships with not only people, but photos, products, events, websites/pages, etc. using Social Graph integration.

Once your website is integrated into the Social Graph, Facebook users can search the name of your company from inside Facebook and get your website in the resulting list. We can also place the “like” and “share” buttons on your web pages, giving your customers the chance to do a little advertising for you.

We offer web development services which integrate two or more sources of data into a single applications, mainly through use of openly available API’s and Web services like Google Maps, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For more information or to set up an obligation free consultation contact us at 954.784.9698

Usability Test

Here at EnviroSense Media® Corporation we believe in the need to provide usability testing of websites, software and the applications that we create. We find sources of error, clarify points of confusion, and eliminate frustration by testing your product with actual users.

During your websites usability test we will make sure the user understands the navigation of your site, the point of the page, and can guess where to find things. We will also find out what is hard for the user to do, where they get lost or confused, what they do not like, and what they do like.

As you may have guessed, obtaining the answers to these questions is invaluable to developing or maintaining a website who’s users actually remain on the site, make a purchase or order a service, and return to the site in the future. All of these answers are things you must know and are best to find out with a usability test.

For an effective usability test to be performed, the sample users must be found from outside the company. Let EnviroSense Media® Corporation put our usability testing methods to use and then develop a plan to enhance your website.


"A Market research helps you identify opportunities in the marketplace and minimizes the risk of doing businesss."


“Before we started working on
our latest project we thought that
we had the market figure it out,
but after we received the reports
from ESMC we were amazed by
how far from reality we were...”

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