Fleet Marketing Service

EnviroSense Media® Corporation, is a privately owned national and international business leader in Ad, Media, Marketing, and Printing. Our company and our corporate founder, and leaders come with many years of proven experience, and with many different offerings and locations to serve you since 1972.

Advertising your brand, company message, and product offerings on our many different contracted fleets of trucks is really a simple process when you have the resources we do. EnviroSense Media Corporation offers many different proven Truck Advertising programs for any size company or campaign.

We have the ability to create and implement you advertising, branding, and marketing campaigns locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. EnviroSense Media® Corporation will custom design, create, print, and wrap each truck. We can also track your trucks each and every move with our very own company developed GPS tracking system.

Our programs are priced to fit in any marketing, brand, or advertising managers’ company budget.

Our fleet consists of; Small Trucks, Vans, Large Delivery Trucks, Cars, Flatbed Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks, Tanker Trucks, Containers, and Semi Trucks.

We offer, Full Wraps, 3/4 Partial Wrap Truck Trailers, 1/2 Wrap Truck Trailers, 1/4 Wrap and Special Die Cut Lettering and Graphics. We also do Multiple Ad Wrapped Trucks, Co-op Wrapped Trucks & Trailers, Special Advertising platform trucks, and much more.

If you are seriously interested in creating additional revenues, please contact our office and inquire about contracting your EnviroSense Fleet or private independent haulers today!

Let us help you Turbo-charge your Fleet or your Truck/Trailer.